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About Sweet Penelope

Sweet Penelope is an independent design studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work with you to create meaningful art for your big celebration and offer both printables and beautifully crafted stationery at reasonable prices. Let the party begin!

Complementary Customization and Multiple Proofs

We can customize each piece of your invitation suite and offer many free options, including changes to color, typeface, layout, and even paper size. In fact, we’ll accommodate most small requests at no extra cost. For printed orders, Sweet Penelope offers three digital proofs, two free rounds of revisions, and a complementary hard proof, because we care a lot about getting it right!

If you require new artwork or need extreme alterations, we’ll gladly provide estimates based on your specifications. Please note that we do not customize individual samples.

Fine Art Printing

Our invitations are produced on a professional inkjet printer normally used for fine art prints, and we treat each job like a limited edition. Most online stores offer the same type of digital printing used to make coupons and mailers. Looking at their samples, you might see screen patterns, pixellated edges, and fine lines that “break apart.” We're proud of the high quality of our work.

Thick, 100% Cotton Paper 

Our invitations and announcements are made in the U.S. of 100% cotton recovered from the textile industry. The thick paper (21 point, 300 gsm/110 lb) has a toothy texture and the heavy presence of a letterpress sheet. 

Hello from Elise!

Hi! I’m Elise Ho, the designer behind Sweet Penelope. I enjoy working with couples and families as they prepare to celebrate, and I’m always honored when my work becomes a meaningful part of their lives.

I love getting to know you - your story, your likes and dislikes, your secret passion for Extreme Ironing in the Sierra Nevada. But seriously, our conversations help me create art that expresses who you are, and to have you gasping, "THIS IS US!!" *without yelling in all caps!*

I Do...Consider the Environment

I’m a firm believer in sustainable practices, and it really upsets me to see vendors exploit weddings without sincere concern for the environment. 

My business has a small carbon footprint compared to others. I work from home in a small space, and my studio is mostly lit by the sun. In addition, the invitation paper is made in the US from cotton recovered from the textile industry.

I’m aware that the paper and printing industries are not inherently “eco-friendly.” However, Sweet Penelope is a business with a conscience, and I urge you to choose products carefully and to reduce consumption where you can. Please be mindful of all the products you use for your upcoming event and in daily life. Thank You!


Who’s your favorite figure skater of all time? Brian Orser!
What are the best shows in television history?  Battlestar Galactica and Curb Your Enthusiasm

Favorite books? Difficult ConversationsThe Brain that Changes ItselfFast Food Nation

Recommended listening? Mika, Weezer, Carla Bruni, Lily Allen

Do you enjoy the music of Bryan Adams? No comment

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